12 mei 2020
Amersfoort, Netherlands

Vacature beschrijving

Hardwareweg 26
3821 BM Amersfoort

Hieronder een mooie Internationale vacature in Amersfoort voor een enthousiaste man of vrouw die het wel ziet zitten in een leuk en dynamisch bedrijf te bouwen aan een mooie toekomst. De vacature is in het Engels omdat dit ook de voertaal binnen de organisatie is.

Customer Experience Desk Employee

Description: This is a fast-paced, solutions-oriented position that will require candidates that are dynamic, adaptable and capable of collaborating well with others.

Let’s be up front: this job isn’t for everyone. But for the right candidate it is incredibly fulfilling and fun. We are a young, agile company with sky-high ambitions. We don’t want you to fit into some corporate mold, we want you to be you. That’s because we’re a team of diverse individuals and colorful personalities that are all bound together by one trait: we care deeply about what we do.

If this sounds like the kind of team you would be interested in joining, here’s some more information about the position:

  • We operate in the web security industry, selling encryption products that require troubleshooting and support.
  • Your training will be a little unorthodox, split between the classroom and the floor. You will begin with back-end data work as you learn the products and technology.
  • On a regular basis, you will identify, research and resolve, or escalate customer issues – including technical, sales- and billing-related questions – using our internal software and vendor portals.
  • We are looking to build a core team that can help us optimize our processes, procedures and approach to customer service. You won’t be going by the book—you’ll be writing it.
  • We need people who thrive on real-time feedback, coaching, and collaborative problem solving with their teammates and upper management. No one can hide in our cozy office space—we’re all accountable to one another for success.
  • This is preferable a full-time hourly position with benefits.

Don’t let the technical stuff scare you off. Almost none of us had tech backgrounds before we started, we understand that it’s going to be a learning process—and that’s OK. We’re more interested in your ambition, dedication, and work ethic than how much knowledge you start with. We invest in our employees and we promote from within. We want you to grow with us.

Any candidate to be considered must have at least the following minimum skills:

• Strong computer & Microsoft Office skills

• Great written and oral communication skills

• English is required Another language is a big plus (but definitely not required)

Apply by e-mail [email protected] with your Resume and Cover Letter, a personal video as a replacement of the cover letter would be even better.